Upcoming Artistes Challenge Deezell For Not Helping Them & Other Northern Artistes

Ibrahim Rufai Popularly Knows As Deezell Got Attacked By Arewa Upcoming Artist After He posted All His Project He did With Nigerian Artist Alongside Korede Bello With There Hit Track AISHA & Yung6ix I Told Ya (Remix) And Emma Nyara (Loving You) And One of his biggest Hit Collaboration Girma Featuring Dj A.B & ClassiQ Which Its Was Released At The Year 2015 And For The Fans (Remix) Featuring Kheengz & Young G and Baruwan Mu Featuring All Top Rated Northern Artistes ClassiQ , Dj A.B, Morell, & Kheengz Which He’s Working On The Video Now To Be Shoot Very Soon And He Says “2016 – 2018 Highlight I Did Put On For my city My City ,#AREWA “We could Have Achieve More If You Stop Arguing About Who’s The Best In The North & Focus On Our Energy Making The Industry Here Better”

After He Says That Some Of The Upcoming Artist From The North Start Commenting On His Social Media Handles Saying That He Only Collaborate With Top Northern Artist Not Upcoming Artist He Should Look upon Them and Help Them Too They need there are many talented Upcoming on the street which they’re looking for someone to help them boost there music Career

This are some of the upcoming artist Comments Below:


  1. This guyz should keep up the top rated arewa artist also facebthe same but they keep hustling for recognition i am a journalist i interview artist i asked Dj ab about his challenges he told me he pay to perform for recognition but upcoming artist sumfi kowa girman kai da kace upcoming ya biya kudi for promotion he will be like baze iya biya ba
    Kai kanka musa kasan halinsu

  2. @Lil Abans
    Kamar yanda aka fada ba’a taimakon mu upcoming artist ,musamman mu a nan Maiduguri no body is helping us yakamata su gane mana @dj abb@morellakilah@officialdeezell
    Thanks for support.

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