It was a real soul searching process, finishing up this project. It was like not speaking with a good friend for a long time but coming back and getting right where you left off. I worked on this project for about 2 years and experimenting with different sounds, trying new melodies with my voice and just finding myself within the music. I spent a lot of time making sure I’m getting the right message across, making sure I’m giving people me(THE BLACK MAN)

1. Black Man | DOWNLOAD

2. Only You Feat Sukzy Africa | DOWNLOAD

3. Kudi Feat I M X B & YaqZamani | DOWNLOAD

4. Up & Down Feat Sukzy Africa & A.S Lafazi | DOWNLOAD

5. Nine Feat Chackson | DOWNLOAD

6. Kece Araina Feat Aexxy | DOWNLOAD

7. Cypher Feat Nazyr X AYC X SaxKeed & YaqZamani | DOWNLOAD

Bana Tsoron Su | DOWNLOAD