ALBUM: King Badru – Redisconnect (Full Album)

Autobiography. ?Am still writing it✍?

PI Addressed: No12Alkaleri Road,Bauchi ,state.

B Date: 30/11/2000

S Attended: (N/p/s) Urat memorial international Secondary School, Bauchi state.

Abubakar Tatari Ali polytechnic.

Federal polytechnic Bauchi.

Hobbies: I like playing snooker game , i like freestyle , i like hearing music , i like learning something new , i like tailoring and design , And i like to have a sponsor for my music life ?

Experience in music : I start music at the age of 16 when i graduate from secondary school , my first recorded song was (highness) we did it me and my friend (show-bobo) later on i did many tracks like e.g (bossu-kenan , comeback for me , echo love , wined it for me , Am blowing , mai sukace ma e.g All those songs i did them D.2016/2017.

i stop recording music i stop singing music year D.2017 because of home talks like e.g (parents talk about music saying is not good at that time , Area people talking about me saying am a badboy they did what ever to do yo make me stop singing or rap music and i did so.)

Year D.2019 i recorded This is my life.

year D.2020 i recorded NIghtmare, Dont leave.

Year D.2021 i recorded many song like e.g (Disconnect, Soyayyar Ruwa ,Repost, Pay me my money , Police Arrest , Lighter , Dan bun nama ) those tracks will be realised on 18/07/2021.

Am Back in music: Year D.2021

Reason-; Am back in music because i love it , I can’t do without it , it’s my means of communication , it’s the only way that i can express my feelings and inner words .

Music label-; /Nill/

Unsigned artist: /Yes/

Paid artist-;. /No/

Local artist-; /Yes/



if interested in my music please kindly contact me@


Instagram:@ itz_king_badru

Facebook: @ Badaru masud Abdulkadir

Snapchat: @baabdulkadir24

Tiktok: @itz_king_badru


1. Soyayyar Ruwa || DOWNLOAD

2. Repost || DOWNLOAD

3. Dont Leave Me || DOWNLOAD

4. Police Arrest Ft. Triserex X RashyCoco || DOWNLOAD

5. Pay Me My Money || DOWNLOAD

6. Celebrating || DOWNLOAD

7. Lighter Ft. DalahDawa || DOWNLOAD

8. Nightmare || DOWNLOAD

9. This Is My Life || DOWNLOAD

10. Danbun Nama || DOWNLOAD

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