Hip Hop In Northern Nigerian Music Industry

Hip Hop in Northern Nigerian Music Industry

By Baffa

Afro Hip hop in Nigeria dates back to the late eighties and early nineties. The first place hip hop gained popularity in Nigeria was in Lagos, Nigeria. During this time (80s), Nigeria was under a military governorship. This period
of military governorship brought about crisis in Nigeria which involved the devaluation of currency, loss of jobs and persistent unemployment especially for new graduates from the University. Hip hop during that time was used as a means of escape by youths from the country’s crisis. It was made popular by using Nigerian languages in the lyrics along with traditional hip hop beats.

But since before that already Northern Nigeria has its own traditional style of music, even so call hip hop Reggae which I see in Gambara (traditional song). Traditional Hausa music was produced with specific instruments. These include the hourglass-shaped kalangu, a talking drum similar to the dùndún drums of the Yorùbá of southwest Nigeria.The ganga is a wide, hollow, double-faced drum
made of wood. Besides drums, other prominent instruments include the trumpet-like kakaki and the double reed wind instrument algaita, and the string instruments goje and kuntigi. While men are predominantly the drummers and makers of music, women also feature in music specifically using the shantu, a long and hollow calabash struck against
the thighs to produce distinct thumping sounds, and tapped with the fingers to make light clinking sounds.

Music is said to be food to the soul and the Nigeria music industry is incomplete without contribution from the North. From the late Mamman Shata to Dan Maraya Jos, their
contribution in spreading the gospel of music will continue to live on till eternity.

When we came to hip hop Zaaki Azaay, better known for singing in Hausa which boosted his musical career tapped from the vineyard of great men like late Maman Shata with his lyrics “Allah ya yeda, Sunan na Zaki”.
He is known for going about with torchlights even when there is no darkness. The Benue state born artiste grew up in Kaduna and made lots of wave in the 80s and 90s, opening the door for other young Northern
Other notable Northern Hip hop artists include Tu Baba of same Benue state to M.I Abaga, Jesse Jagz, Ice Prince and Jeremiah Gyang all held from Plateau state. Hadiza Blell, better known by her stage name Di’Ja, is also Northern singer and songwriter who is currently signed to Mavin Records. She’s another lady doing the north proud just like her male counterparts. But are these the only
people opening up the Northern Nigerian Music industry? The answer is NO.

Hip-hop is very popular in Nigeria. And rappers like Classiq, Morell, DJ AB, Kheengz, B.O.C and many more are part of a new generation of North musicians.
They are trying to put northern Nigeria – on the music map.

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