Top 10 Talented Upcoming Artistes In Arewa

Arewa music is going far more than we could think we have A List Artistes Like Morell, ClassiQ,Dj A.B, Kheengz,B.O.C, Deezell And we also have upcoming Artiste Who are very Talented Who are putting more hardworking on the music industry pushing so hard to make it in this music So we’re bringing you guys among the upcoming Talented Artiste we have here in northern Nigeria


Beehive Based Rapper multi Talented Artiste Who Make music and also A cinematographer Who made a music Videos By himself Larabeey Films Larabeey he’s one of the best Talented Artiste We have here in northern Nigeria Who are making it real here in Hausa Hip hop Music’s Who are making impacts in northern music with his Music video series Called THE GAME which he features So many Artiste And also A Kannywood Actors, Larabeey after He Featured the king of the North ClassiQ Which is called ANTASHI Which the song got a street loven Everywhere in northern which got him so much recognition Around the Northern Nigeria The young Hard working Rapper Also Featured The Arewa Music Bilingual B.O.C Madaki With the title LOKACI NA Where larabeey shows his Talent On the song And drops many lines, Punchlines rythmz and larabee he’s one the Fastest Rappers We had here in northern Nigeria where he shows us that he can Rap Fast With a song Which he Featured the Arewa Hip hop Hogan Mickey De Viper Where the young Rapper Rap Fast And also the Mickey D viper Too Larabeey Has a Hit Tracks Like ANTASHI,WASAN ALJANU,1K,BIGGY MAN,ABIN MAGANA, ENERGY,SHATA And Lots More


The Music artist Duo Dalahdawa Nordan Ortty Former artistes Which Owned By MORELL They Also Known For there Hit banger called A DAKINA Which released couple years ago “DalahDawa” BeeHive City (Bauchi) Based Rappers known for there Hausa hip hop style which they Rap Fluently In Hausa\English One the street artist we have in northern nigeria with a hit tracks BARADE NE, A DAKINA, GA NI GA MASOYIYA, KO BAKU GANE BANE, MATAN KAUYE, They also got featured To AEM Boss GegeBuzy Music Collaboration on his Album Called BANIDA CASE Alongside the Arewa Music heavyweight Rapper B.O.C MADAKI The tracks called BAUCHI GIDA NE its became one of the best song In BEEHIVE AT That Particular Year At The Year of 2017 they also got featured Morell One of his best Single tracks Which He featured Them To the remix of the track ANKAWO WUTA (REMIX) Featured alongside B.O.C, DJ A.B, KIID PRO,LIL B,MARTINO ELCASINO, PRECY YOUNG, DalahDawa Still making it real on arewa music industry Which made them one of the most Duo Artist We have on AREWA MUSIC INDUSTRY.


Lil Prince YNS Signed Act He’s one of the rapper in the Record Label who Got Featured to Two Most trending Song In Northern Nigeria 2019-2020 At the Song Called YNS CYPHER Alongside DJ A.B Top rated artiste in north King In The North Lil Prince Got a massive love since from the YNS 2019 CYPHER Alongside Dj A.B, TeeSwagg, JigSaw, and this year Cypher DA SO SAMU NE With Many 10th artiste Includes Deezell, Dj A.B, Zayn Africa , Geeboy, Marshall Lil Prince drops many Hip Hop songs like Baby Rap, Energy, They Duuno and they drops a song together with Jigsaw called International An h got featured A sonG called YNS STREET FREESTYLE Alongside his Record Label Members he has a track with arewa king Of Freestyle Among the arewa best emcees KEVINWORDS Called BAHAUSHE Lil Prince Got featured to a tracks where he use to stops many dope lines Flowz Like, CARDS, TSORO, YNS, JIPP Lil Prince known for his Slogan Lil Prince Baby he’s one the hip hop Emcees out there making it real .


The super Dope Talented Rapper Who making it real Since from day one His very Unique in rap music his music will Burst Your mind he will blow your mind with his catchy flows With one of his Dope Hip hop ,music LAFAZI Thats one of the Super dope Hip Hop You ever Heard In arewa music Which he rap in Hausa With Rap style In 200s Instrument that Made a lot of people got mad at him Recently he featured TeeSwagg “YAKA SUWA” the young talented rapper hails from KADUNA CrockCity Among his dope track he released a tracks like KIDAWO A Love story which he use Rap On the track and also a Hip hop rap song Called FRESH GUYS A song A ALL the fresh niggers in north Its one of the young rappers we had on Northern Nigeria Who Can Freestyle Real Hip Hop On the street and Made it crazy You all Check this Young Rapper Out.


Kaduna Based Rapper Which he got Same Voice As Xdough The arewa Fastest Rapper Young Dope he’s one of the Young Talented rappers in northern nigeria Which he drops many Rap Single GAYE BAYA HANA SALLAH, KAMAR DJ A.B, Which he use rap in hausa he’s one the arewa music Emcees You ever heard who are making ut Hit Back To back with his Unique Hausa Rap He deliver Lines, rythmez Dope Flowz, He got the talented that You guys being Looking For with his track Called KAMAR DJ A.B Which he rap Just Like the Dj A.B Does On his Tracks He deliver just like Dj A.B On the tracks he got so many online Streams Downloads And radio stations Plays thats What Made him people Start calling The Young Dj A.B.


Namenj King Of arewa music Cover Which he use his music style to made a hausa songs Cover He use do make both Nigerian artiste covers Like Tekno,Rundown,Teni and he also Use Best Arewa Old love songs of all Time Like SANGANDALI,MAKAMASHI, SAMADAN, SAKATA, KATANGA, Which he use Urban Hausa Afro Beat on his music Style Which Made a Different artiste we had in northern nigeria An artiste With Golden Voice he use many Arewa Famous Artiste like Ali Jita Popular Song LOVE, And he also use Umar M sharif Hit Song MASOYIYATA And naming drops His studio E.P Called NEW VIBE Which the album was still trending everywhere namnej Got a Massive Love Girls they his Love Songs To do A Lip Sync and post it on social media studio and his Cover tracks they use it At Weddings Events Recently He Got Choosen at EMPAWA30 The Empawa Africa They’re only two artist in northern Him and Dj A.N EMPAWAAFRICA30 its a Music platform which use to promote artiste career And they use invest in artiste Nmanej made so many Waves in Arewa music industry which made one of the top rated singer we had right now.


Mr Young K Burnin Kebbi Raised Versatile Artiste The UP & DOWN Crooner Alongside MR 06ix the song which is still trending on all online media platforms and TV Stations In north The Young Talented drops another Love song Called KECE NAGANI At early This year he announced his music collaboration with Northern Top Notch Artistes MORELL and he also drops the teaser video of the song And he also posted on his social media Accounts Showing him and Morell In Studio Cooking something Big with one the best Arewa music Producer TKLEX And Not so long he also Posted a Video him & CLASSIQ Arewa Mafia At the Location Shooting A Video Which The song he got featured to ClassiQ, ClassiQ Featured him to a track Called INA SUKE , Which they shot the video with the Multi Award Winning Video Director KG SHOT IT The versatile Act use His music Style Which he can Rap & Sing at the same Time with A tracks Like KECE NAGANI Which he’s about to drop the video So soon He’s one of the arewa upcoming the You Guys should Watch Very soon


The BaguduBa Crooner Hails From Katsina State The young talented rapper which he use Afro Hip Hop style in his music he’s one the top rated in Katsina he Rap Fluently in Hausa & English Musa Africa Drops his collaboration with Arewa Top rated artiste right now Dj A.B Of Yaran North Side Called KINA JUYANI Which made his track Gone Viral everywhere around the northern nigeria Musa africa drops many Afro Hip Hop Singles Like BAGUDU BA,DAI DAI NE, And he also Featured Feezy & GeeBoy a Love Song Called LOVE VIBES And he also Featured Arewa Yung Fresh king KHEENGZ Called KAUNA And he also Drops A love tracks Like, KIN HADU, PASS ME UR LUV, GIRLFRIEND

Chizo Ne Wallahi The Self Acclaim Best Hausa Rapper In Africa which he cause so many controversial in Northern artiste And he stops A song which he made many waves and he caused so many trouble Which he featured Germany based Social media Influencer Chizo Germany with a song called TSULIYA Which song caused many controversial in north which got many talks about the track Chizo Also Known As Chizo Ne Wallahi Which he changed his stage Name To CHIZO JAY He drops so many E.P Like, JERE 2 JIGAWA, JERE 2 KANO, JERE 2 KADUNA, GOOD BYE POVERTY, MAN OF THE YEAR, AYI BORI, And he also featured B.O.C & Cman on a track Called HASSADA And he also featured YNS Finest Rapper JigSaw to a track Called BBK (BAMU BIKI KYAUTA) A hip Hop track which He fast rap on the track, Chizo Jump On Big Shaq Song Mans Not Hot Which He Tittled it as AREWA TAYI DIMI Which he created a Hastag Of it Which the Hastag Trends Everywhere in North AREWATAYIDIMI CHizo Jay drops a hit Freestyle called RAP TUTORIAL He use it to shows that he’s one the best hausa rapper in Africa.


Society Base Act BAZANI BARKI BA Crooner Which He made so many waves with the song which he also Drops His Studio album title it as BAZAN BARKI BA Album Which he featured many Arewa Acts Like, A Ladan Zamani, Ibee LastKing Which he sings Like Zlatan And Also Yaseer Tunechi, Fablous Junayd, And he also FeatureD The arewa heavyweight rapper Dj A.B With one of his track which they make a Remix Together Song Called IPHONE X (Remix) Huzzynewlh he’s one if the top Rated artiste in Sokoto Which they made many Waves in His hometown Which he got massive love from his Street Song Called Zanku Featuring Ibee LastKing And he also drops another street Song Called MAZA JE And he also shot the video at Street Which he got a street love huzzynewlh Also Driops rAP SINGLES Like Warning Freestyle, Dream Team Record Signed Act He Dropped Hit Tracks Like ISOHKAY, SHAKU SHAKU, IPHONE X, BAZAN BARKI BA,MAZA JE, ZANKU

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