Top 10 Hottest Northern Rapper Right Now


Hip Hop is by far not the most popular genre in Nigeria. This is not a thing of surprise, as majority of Nigerians love to party hard to heavy ‘gbedus’ and so most of the songs on heavy rotation are mostly pop songs with perceived ‘commercial value’.

This does not mean that Nigerians do not listen to Hip Hop or other less popular genres of music, as a matter of fact, Hip Hop in Nigeria has massively evolved over the years, becoming more popular and garnering a decent following.

Also, Nigeria’s official language is the English language but not everyone speaks or understands that.

This is due to the fact that English is not native, and Nigeria constitutes over two hundred and fifty tribes, which speak a variety of languages.

English is therefore taught in schools through formal education, but many Nigerians do not have access to formal education.

As a matter of fact, Nigeria has a high illiteracy rate with over 1 third of her population uneducated.

This a huge problem on a bigger scale, but as it relates to the music, it poses a problem for musicians in Nigeria, who consequently, have to be very smart about the language used in their music to appeal to a larger audience.

Unlike pop music, whose audience cares less about lyrics and more about banging beats, rap is quite the opposite.

Rappers are judged by what they say and how they say it, and thus the language they use is very much important.

The most popular native languages in Nigeria areHausa, Yoruba and Igbo and quite a number of rappers have shown through their art that pens are mightier than swords and they are lords of words, twisting and bending rhymes while telling stories in these indigenous languages.

Today we took a look at some of the hottest Nigerian rappers who rap in the Hausa language which is native to Northern Nigeria as well as other African countries like Niger, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Ivory coast, Togo and Sudan.

You should also note that these rappers do a good job rapping in English as well.

1. B.O.C

B.O.C Madaki The Hausa Hip Hop Music bilingual the most featured artist in north at last year B.O.C Madaki Featured Counted At 600+ the one and only most featured hip hop artist in North By many various northern artiste And B.O.C Drops Many E.P & Studio ALBUMS, NO ENGLISH, DARASIN RAYUWA, ALLAH YA TSARE, SORRY PLEASE THANKS And recently He dropped A Duo Album Alongside Stesh one the best Pop/RnB Artistes In northern Nigeria based in Bauchi Album called DARASIN RAYUWA, After that he has many Hit single tracks like DAN GAYE, ZAFI, MAESTRO, HARARA, B.O.C Known As one of the greatest Arewa hip hop artist Who sits Flows , Braz on his tracks As he mentioned in his last single track Title KAYA A KASA Bata kare ba faakwai kaya a kasa which makes many in north for so long and he has one hit track called YAWO Which as he mentioned he goes to over 5 States in a week he’s one best Invited artist in north (Show Performance) B.O.C Ranked as most Featured artist in North BOC Known for one of the north artist that give his fans More Songs Hit back to back which Eearn him a respect in the street of northern Nigeria Which his track called ZAFI, HARARA, DAN GAYE, KA HUTA, ALLAH YA TSARE, BOC MADAKI Got featured on a track Called DO Alongside Nigerian Hip hop artist Jesse Jags By legendary mixer the Beehive Representer Has 4 Studio album and the 5th One its On his Way Tagged NORTHBYNATURE The album is still working with all Thses that make him The hottest Rapper Right Now in north.


ClassiQ Sarki AKA Arewa Mafia The Arewa King Of New Skool Music The Trap King the most rated artiste ANFARA Crroner which the song still Trending Since Over Years now ClassiQ Its one of the Arewa hip hop artiste that put Arewa music on the map which much Good music And Collaborations Which Nigerian Artistes Like Phyno, Vector, Reminisce, M.I Abaga, Jesse Jagz, Yung L,Ckay, Ice Prince, ClassiQ Dropped His Second Studio Album Called NEW NORTH The Album Featured Many Nigerian Artistes Under Chocolate City ( Ckay, Yung L) And Ice Prince Zamani, M.I Abaga NEW NORTH Its his second studio Which The album Amazing people with the album Like The tracks BADMAN (KARYA SUKE) the Hip Hop Trap Song And SAI GODIYA, WONDER ME, UP & AWAY, Recently at the year 2018 ClassiQ Got Signed Into One of the best Record Label In Africa/Nigeria Chocolate City As Subsidiary Artiste Under UP NORTH Records ClassiQ Has One of the greatest hit song A cultural song which The song Called GARGAJIYA (Culture) which on the videos shows the culture of the north at the video locations includes katsina, Niger Republic, Zaria, Bauchi,

His first debut Album Was SARKI, Which its one of the greatest Album Ever Made In Arewa Which super hit tracks Like, SARKI, MAGANA,HOTO,WASSUP WASSUP,WORK IT OUT,DUNIYA,HAPPY, The album featured Nigerian Artistes Like Jesse Jagz, Ruby Gyang, Hench King Of The North Thats Where He Got The Name For On His Greatest Song Called SARKI, Quotable Line, Inna Wuce Kuce Sarki Ready Forward Ever Wallah This Is Forever, Ranka Shi Dade. Ai Nawane Asali Nasu Akwala Ka Raiani Kuma Na Chanja Ma Kala Ci Gaba Da Gashi Mallam Ina Kawo Wuta, At the year 2016 ClassiQ Drops His Who You Epp Olamide Cover Which its one of the best Music Cover Ever Made In Arewa Music , with much recognition and lately he dropped another hit single track called BAN SON RENI, Including The Music Video Too, ClassiQ Known For his Super Style Of Music With Different Sounds in his music , ClassiQ Got Featured To Vector Collaboration alongside Phyno, Reminisce,UZI, To One of the best hip hop song in nigeria at the year 2015 The Song Got Many Award and award Nomination, Thats where ClassiQ Introduced Us The Slang AREWA MAFIA, ClassiQ At Ending of the year 2019 December Drops A Single track which he announce that he’s coming Back ASAP After a long time of not being releasing any new single song Title INNA BIT Which he rap Fast on The Track Its among of the track that ClassiQ Raps Fast In His music Like HUSTLE, Which he rap fast like Eminem, ClassiQ He Has Dope Tracks Like, SARKI, ANFARA,JUYA,GARGAJIYA,HOTO,INNA BIT,BAN SON RENI,BADMNA (KARYA SUKE), SAI GODIYA, & Lots more

3.DJ A.B

DJ A.B One of the Most Trending Artiste Right Now After dropping Many hit song From the year 2018 Till Date A Drops many hip hop songs Like DABAN NE, BOMBA MAN, NI, And he starts the new year 2019 with Afro Pop Collaboration Featuring Nigerian musician Yung6ix King of the south , With the song tittle YI RAWA + The official Video directed By Bash E’m & After that he dropped another new hit banger which got the street loving it KUMATU The song Smashed everywhere in north, Not so long He got featured to his Record label Song Anthem YNS CYPHER 2019, Alongside his fellow record label acts, Which is one the most trending song All over the north, which got the street loving,

Dj The versatile Act One Of The Top Rated Rapper Right Now In North Which Keep The Fire Back To Back ,He Use Afro Pop & Hip Hop Music In north Right Now which got him a massively Recognize From Both Girls & Boys In Campuses & Street he’s one the northern street Artiste Now From there recent Track YNS Cypher 2019 Which got massive Trends & Lately This Year They Dropped Another Cypher Called DA SO SAMU NE Featuring One of most Social media trend Act Deezell & TeeSwagg Alongside His Record Label Acts Feezy ,Geeboy,Lil Prince,Zayn Africa,Marshall which the video Got No.2 Trending On YouTube On His First Month Of Release With Over 396k Views On YouTube An Over 10000+ Views On IG TV the video Trend on lately This Year 2020 YNS Cypher 2020 & Recently This Year Won Artiste Of The Year By Norther Pandora Awards 2nd Edition And He Won Artiste Of The Year Too by Scorpion Arena , And Another One By The Five CEO’s Artiste Of The Year Too Dj A.B King In The North Got Featured To Rahman Jago Song Alongside Zlatan One Of Nigeria Trending Artiste Right Now which The song Was Not yet released It’s still on the way , He jump on Eminem Ft Rihanna Love The Way You Lie With his own Version as he mentioned on his social Handles My love for this track that’s made me do a cover of the Song, Dj A.B Has A Love Song Like , SOYAYYA Which is still trending in north And KE DANI of the top rated Northern Artiste Right now .


Kheengz Niger state hail rapper Which he makes many waves in northern starts from his collaboration with Mr Incredible M.I Abaga The African Rapper Number One Track Called JEALOUSY , Which Has many hip hop single tracks like BALLING, KEKE FREESTYLE, YARA MAMMAN SHATA, KAI,And he has one of the best song ever created in northern music I AM NORTH & ALMAJIRI Which rated as one of the best song ever created in northern music which send message to Around environment Recently ending of the year 2019 Kheengz Dropped His 3rd Studio Album Entitled V.O.A2 ( Voice Of Arewa2), The album includes many Artistes Like ERIGGA The Pepper Boi and DJ A.B Bomba Man & IJAYA, The album talks about home violence, drugs abuse, Kheengz Has Afro Pop Single Like HAKANE, FILTER NE, Kheengz Raps Fluently in Hausa, English, Unique ENGLISH, Kheengz I AM NORTH Trend everywhere around the north and school campuses Kheengz I AM NORTH Hashtag Trend Number One On Twitter #1 At the year 2019 In February


Morell Gatan Arewa Borno State hail rapper A Very own arewa versatile artiste which he can rap and sing in both hausa language he associated with many more nigerian artiste Like M.I Abaga, Ice Prince,Phyno,Reminisce, Mode 9, Morell Has many hits Song like AURE A hausa pop song which still making Waves In arewa traditional Weddings At the year 2016 morel wins Artiste of the year at City People Magazine Awards at The year 2016 he drops a rap single Ganda ( Panda Cover) Which the song makes many waves all over the north with the Quoted Lyrics “Inada Mata A Yola Masu Hada Mini Nono” Morell Drop A Hit Freestyle song/Video ECHO Which As He Mentioned at the Arewa 24 TV Channel Interview That He’s Upset Thats why He made that song ECHO FREESTYLE , Morell Has a collaboration With M.I Abaga Called BULLET , Morell Has a hit Rap songs Like, KALLO,KAROTA, BAWANI BUGHATTI , ANKAWO WUTA, And He got featured To B.O.C Madaki Studio Debut Album NO ENGLISH Which He got featured on the track called HARARA, AT the ending of the year of 2018 morels drooped the most trending song of the year HABA Which so much love from both street and morels put challenge on his social media handles Morell Self Acclaim GATAN AREWA


Lyrical Dr smith Super Cool Cat Signed Rapper Known For His Hardcore music one of the dopest arewa rapper right now dry smith released some hit tracks back then like, SHINING BRIGHT, BULLA Is one of his biggest hits in north, he raised at JOS which made him one of the hottest rapper at that time in JOS And recently he got signed to Super Cool Cat Which Owned By One Of The Biggest Hip Hop Legend of Africa Ice Prince Zamani, Lyrical Dr Smith Has Many Hit singles like , BA YAWA, SHAN TEA DA FORK, CINYE WARAS, BULLA, Dr smith known for his hardcore rap, & Fast Rap which made him one of the fastest rappers in north the tracks, which he rap fast like, ( BULLA, SHINNING BRIGHT & Many More).


Kevinwords KongMarley Dopest rapper king of the freestyle the one and only northern artiste who Freestyle for over 4 Hours And Some minutes ,Crock City representer AS you all know kevinwords he’s been in the game since from day one sSince when he’s under 108 Gang One of the best record label in northern which include the talented rappers Like Taf C Gatdem, & Others kevinwords has a hit tracks like GAS, Arewa featuring DJ A.B, NorthRiding, Work featuring Dj A.B, Likitre & One His hit collaboration Featuring DJ A.B Tittle AREWA,Kevinwords went to Hennesy One Of the biggest hip hop Show In africa Where hip hop artiste do Freestyle, Rap battle & Many More about hop hop, , He Wins hennesy Competition , Kevinwords also known as KevinGaiya ,If You Heard Kevinwords Music you will know that kevvinfords is the real definition of hip hop, with his super hit single , New School Banger, GAS, One of his best single of the decade .


The Hip Hop hogan mickey de viper adamawa based rapper he’s one fastest rappers in arewa he rap just like eminem with his hit track just like RAWANI Featuring the arewa hip hop bilingual B.O.C Madaki And He has Two Studio Album (Arewa Voice Of The Street & Made In Arewa) And He featured B.O.C Madaki Alongside TeeSwagg the track called MAZAJE And Many Tracks Like Lokaci Na, Kai, Ana Haka (Reifx), arewan Kawai And Many More Hit Tracks that shows he’s the fastest rapper like BABAH Track

Flexdee mai arewa kaduna based rapper the Ka Kwapsa Crooner He’s among the hottest rappers/ hip hop artistes right now with his hit songs include Ka Kwapsa, Zallanta,Ghana Girl, And Many More collaboration Like Gagara,.And 2016 Cypher Alongside Taf C Gtadem, Jigsaw, FeeZo, Which he use Hausa fluently On Cypher,

Flexdee Known for his Hausa style music which he has catchy flows, rythmes, Flexed he’s one the best street artist in the north which gives him respect on the street with his tracks like, KA KWAPSA, ZALLANTA Flexdee got featured on 1Game Song GAGARA Alongside Xdough One of the hottest hip hop Collaboration that happen in 2019 FlexeE Drop One Song that amazed his fans which He Rap Fast on the track fast like busta rhythms in a song called SICK Flexed Associated with artist Like, JIGSAW,XDOUGH, 1GAME, TAF C,FEEZO,ABK DON, One of his hit collaboration that he drop lines on it is SABUWA A LEDA Which he got featured by ABK DON Alongside JIGSAW One the best hip hop collaboration ever happen in north apart from GIRMA, BA RUWANMU, Flexed When it comes to arewa hip hop music he’s among the rated artist that have been trying there best to give there fans a good hausa Hip hop music.


Larabeey the hausa lyrical eminem the most hardworking artiste which he stand alone to help his music career larabeey he’s a video director, editor at the same time he’s a Musician hi has music tactics ,he created a Music video series called the game Which he features many Famous peoples And artistes like Lil Prince, Dalahdawa,ricqy ultra,Teeswagg and kannywood acts Badaru, Ali Dawayya, larabeey recently drops his hit collaboration with arewa hip hop king The Arewa Mafia Huncho , Called ANTASHI Which the track was still trending everywhere include Radio station Lrabeey drops a hit collaboration Alongside Mickey De Viper The Hip Hop Hogan Called ABIN MAGANA One of the fastest released song ever happened in arewa which both of them rap Fast Like Eminem & Busta Ryhmz On the same track , And He drops a hit track Like, TAZARCE DA HULA, WASAN ALJANU,1K, a dope rapper which you may love to listen to his music right now.

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