Arewa24 H Hip Hop Section Held By Nomiis Gee It’s Like A Thorn In My Flesh – SoxBow Speak Out

AREWA 24 HIPHOP SECTION HELD BY NOMIS GEE IS LIKE A THORN IN MY FLESH: this northern rap art from north east (Adamawa state) based in kontagora Niger state. Who speaks about the popular top 10 arewa music section held by NOmis gee.He is popularly known by his stage name SOX BOW (KAKAKIN AREWA)..” Arewa is blessed with lots of talents whose works and ambition is drained into sewage. We have gat a lot of artiste in arewa, no lies, some influenced by the fame culture, friends culture and “WANNA BE” culture which is presently wrecking the crest of arewa music. Too many artiste on a small ship. Music is not for everyone. Apart from music there is alot we can do in the entertainment world. Back to arewa 24 hip hop section, I must appreciate your efforts towards your massive broadcast but the truth is your programs sometimes is like “feeding a lion with grasses”. You pick songs videos only paid for to broadcast on the channel.we know there is need for maintenance and payment of your workers. But this song videos sometimes you displaying on the screen gives us headache, you want good quality videos but some of those videos have wack resolution, some of those artiste have Wack lyrics. As “B.O.C” once said “rap DA Hausa DA sauki anma yinta DA Dadi sai wane wane”. Bro (nomis gee) you dey try I no go lie you. But we need something at least 50% dope. How can our voices be heard in headies when all we hear and see is like a black and white t.v display from 1980’s. Give us sweet music from the street. Some artiste are made, some are still in the womb. You do songs and colabo which to me is having no meaning, 1. What is arab money? and the rest you singing
2. To start with your dressing and outfit on t.v
3. The videos you putting on our screeen are wacks
4. If you need money to promote us, tell us not untill we plead and still yet “ka ja aji”
5. To end it all. Quit music and concentrate on the tele-advert.enough is enough. Don Allah fix our music chain in arewa. Easterners ,westerners and Southerners are listening and watching..please let’s surprise them and build up the NEW sorry if I step on your toes..but let the truth be said..if you are ready “we” are ready to bring back d music industry to arewa..just tell us is it your fault or the management fault we bearing the scars for..we know all fingers ain’t equal.the same street you guys are deserting has good vision,skills and talents to explore and excavate any music industry..just give us a try..An arewa music tour for fresh talents every state in the north is worth starting with..allah shi kara maka basira da hikima

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