ALBUM: Mixter Bash X Nasraldeen – North World Order (Ep Album)

NorthWorldOrder redefines afro music with much more cultural elements which represents Northern and Eastern Nigeria, the fusion of Hausa vibe on a typical Egene rap hiphop trapand other beats by Mixter Bash and Nasraldeen.

Mixter Bash is a Household name up-north especially in Kano for his radio and TV shows and is now rated the next gem in northern Nigeria music scene.

This project calls for listening attention. Powered by AREWA Exclusive as 6th Mega Music Compilation.

1. Shutdown

2. Up To Something

3. Cleared Coast

4. Benghazi

5. Sick N Tired

6. Freedom II

7. Waka

8. Autobiography

9. NWO

10. Million Cefa

11. Good Guy – Mixter Bash X Nasraldeen

12. Chop Money

13. Kallon Komai

14. Freedom

15. Intro


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