LYRICS: Kalito – KLT111 (Song Lyrics)


K2 the L.I.T.O

*this  is this is how it all began 

*this is this is how the story goes 

*dis  my little story from dayone 

*let me paint the picture but I won’t need crayons 

*1st November  I came fresh outta mommas womb 

*tears of joy, jubilation filled  the room 

*8:25am was the time exactly

*mama smiled n held me by her side gladly 

*ur a replacement son, ur broda fought for me

* i would have been dead but he took it all for me 

*He was a warrior,he was named JOSEPH 

*u gonna replace him I wonder y she was so sure 

*i grew up to live for both of us though we never met

* wereva u are  hope you proud of me, amma keep fighting for mama cheating her I would never let 

*wishing  to see u brother even if it’s  just for a day

*we miss you, we love you, wishing to see u someday, 

*your memories will not be forgotten 

*sometimes I wish amma call and you’ll pick up the phone,keep resting Big brother,i replaced u as the 3rd son

*amma never let you down 

*hey bro  ama man now 

* think of the crazy things we would have done together 

*but here am I, writing you dis letter 


*attended 3 primary  3 high school 

*got a diploma pops think it’s cool 

*i owe him alot,being his son I thank God 

*neva got chased for fees, always tryna meet our needs 

*he has been a father indeed,supported us to d bream

*he will show you how to get it done,den let you be

*worked all-day to get food for the family 

*Mama working hard too,i thank heavens for these two

* Anty Jummai would beat me wen i did wrong ,tot it was hate,but now I see d love in what she did  back den

*soccer was the main chick, before music came around turned her a side chick but I love em both tho

*down at high school dey tot my cliq suck

* but the story’s changed now, look around we rock 

*they never believed in us,dey never cared about us

*mehn we started Dis for love but look  now we famous 

*these straight from my heart 

*with so much tears in my eyes 

*never wrote a song with so much love 

*never thought we’ll make it dis far, all  glory  to the man above 



* Beema2015 we came out   with high hopes 

*rockin new clothes looking fresh as fuck

*everyone tot Kalito gon get dat award 

*many came out to support me but ended up disappointed 

*i felt bad too,saw y’all leaving before time 

*couldnt say a word cos I tot dat award supposed to be mine 

*maybe I deserved it but it wasn’t the appointed time 

*i made sure dat didn’t still stop my grind 

*i stayed true, worked harder too, payed MA dues, tryed working in bigger shoes,dat I never even had a clues 

*thank God it worked for me,thank God for elevating me

*2017 I can never forget about you 

*many feautures many favours, shows and money

*blessings dat I Neva got since I started dis journey 

*every disappointment is a blessing indeed

*thanks for the love y’all showed me when I was in need 

* to my siblings  my niggas, haters and wellwishers 

* thanks for always supporting me and standing by me 

*and to the O.Gs  dat took me as a son  and showed me it’s to be done

I pray we all gon live long

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