Watch ClassiQ & Ycee Thrilling Performance AtStand Against Violence Extremism Concert InYola

The show was a shutdown as the

Adamawa state Government takes the lead

on the Violence Extremism Concert in


The guest artiste who made a well

recommendable performance on the rise to

create a massive awareness about the


The Government of the state aim to

promote peace and unity in the state. As

peace is the mission and also the midway

to a successful environment, and also to

being up a youth whose aim is to increase

the standardization of the state and also to

create a massive development in the state.

With performance by Ycee and ClassiQ

And also cameo appearance by Ogabally

and the Host Samantha Walsh.

Thumbs up To the Adamawa state

Government for creating an impactful

awareness in the state.

Watch the eye catching show and thrilling

performance by Ycee and ClassiQ Below:


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