LYRICS: Lemuel Knight – 3Miles

​Lyrics Of 3Miles @lemuelknight 

Yeah Check

G City stand up your boy is in the building

I throw bars to the air you’ve got to catch the feeling

I feel like Jay Elec Dawg I swear God am dealing

When G City connect the whole world is feeling

Knight for the Hood this is love for the Hood

Am as ill as fuck but what I seek is bread

Am a bunch full of Afro before I turn to dread

G city connect make the 3 Miles rap

They love the real in hip hop but they still sound trap

Am a blue eye nigger but what I see is red

I drop love on a verse now pick it up and spread

We don’t have to be twelve as long as we gat bread

Break the shit down and pass the love around

Stand upon the course and identify the flaws

Bars spitting out punches to your jaws

Had enough of mine this time I gat to snatch yours

You can’t rule us out we bend the laws in yo

Peace fingers out as we bring the wars in

Stupid as fuck when you stand behind your balls

Take over the street with my name upon your walls

Imagine a bounce back when bars hit the wall yo

Can’t stop the painting my art will save the world

Davinci on the mic so I demonstrate the hype

Connect with G city bitch do not kill the vibe yo

A.W.A.K with the A.K

Dark bars spitting out non shine the light yo

Engulf in a dark room you can’t see the light

But Knight with the mic dowg is preaching the delight

In G City for One year am still out of sight

But I put a call to Joe (Shigma) now push the number Six

Yo Simply the dopest use the number Six

And apply a little filter before putting out your Pix

G City connecting 3 Miles 

StreetLegend Beehive Nigger with a G City Connect

Balele Pon Da Mix Shout Out to my Nigger illMax

I gat to go get my bag and get the fuck out

GCity thanks for the Love


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