LYRICS: Ace Hulk – HOTRC (Mi The Box Cover)

Ace hulk – #HOTRC lyrics. 

-you know, i mean. ace hulk, S/o @mi_abaga @Chocolatecity @weezibro. 

yeah, and everybody who been supporting my craft. 

and to business, 

M told me break the box 

i just did without finding a piece of the box, 

yeah, yall listed up, huh yeah. 

yeah. share-. 
story story once upon a time, 

aiming for the moon hopefully ill land beside the stars, 

you can never stone me aiming at the sky, 

haters can’t see him,

loves scarce, 

if aint playing the jesus role let’s forget bout the cast, 

if she’s still hating i can do without the love, 

pass me the green that could be it for all,

welcome to my city where equal aint tits, 

ion look at the mirror but i still brush my teeth,

ive seen commercial rappers still aint gettin pay, 

the hour seems to be here but we still aint rushing, 

ace hulk the raps emissary, 

shakes off the doubts and took the bull by the horn, 

unleashing mayhem,

luckily these rappers matriculate, 

but one thing is for sure they’ll never convocate,

raps that makes you see, 

raps that radiate from the lights, 

that sparks from a maestro.

verse on HOOK2
haha,  huh.. remember they always want to see you doing GOOD, 

but not BETTER than them, 

but what’s the essence when you the BEST, 

you know, i mean when you the head of the rap Cartel, 

just ball hard and no one should detour you from your dreams, you know. 

go for em they’ll yours. 

yeah  yeah huh. 
acehulk – verse2
jahova to these rappers send dem all for witness, 

legend from the making, started from the BOTTOM, 

even your chick knows i prefare it when im on TOP, 

So distressed poised to make rocks outta wool, sh*ts real,

Rap is the human heart chambered but linked rhythmic and Real sh*t, 

our life’s repetitive, cuz we all hustle black and blue, 

in hope we repeat, 

our role models feat, 

sorry im in a hurry for the glory, 

and the money in the lorry,

that’s the sh*t we lobby, 

i hated balling, 

then i realized ive got goals,

i wanna win the ballond’or, 

you n*ggas just ball to me i kick, 

and b*tches suck, 

how can you fall a n*gga born to be hover,? 

what’s the essence, 

if the rap doesn’t


that’s the motive, the the bill gates dreams motto, 

“what’s the essence,

if the rap doesn’t make sense?, 3x”

doesn’t matter if you dont like WE

my n*ggas luv WE your n*ggas luv WE, WE

WE luv W*ED

and we blow W*ED

Yall n*ggas good, but im exceptional,

HEAD of the RAP Cartel, 

cuz im CHAPO, 

b*tches bow and n*ggas Dab.  Huh 3x

yeah Ace hulk aka the kid whos got the keys with a real G n*ggas tendencies,

nigga if you still hatin you need to be dipped in an acid and we happily watch your bonez melt, life is a Boner, no matter how it rises, no matter how strong it looks, it won’t last forever, it gon fall in a space of time. then it’ll keep rising and falling until one day when it’ll be gone forever, all yall mfkerz keep hatin yall gon end like a boner.


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