About Me
GWARILOADED is the premiere and most visited online
platform that delivers spankin new Nigerian hip-hop/
contemporary music, videos and music content daily
to Nigerians by exposing remarkable artists and their
materials from the fast growing Nigerian Music
industry to Nigerians around the world.
GWARILOADED was formed in 2016 and has
steadily grown into one of the most visited sites
within the Nigerian communities online.
Gwariloaded is on a mission to spread Nigerian music
to all corners of
the globe.
Typically, the media platform used to promote and
deliver Nigerian music, videos and music content is
the local/satellite Television and radio stations, but
GWARILOADED brings a unique and FRESH solution to
Nigerians in and outside of the country.
GWARILOADED. offers a platform where Nigerian
Music lovers around the world can access, listen,
stream and give their opinions on Nigerian music
content anywhere and anytime.
Our music content is accessible at
any time to our audience in all time zones.
Furthermore, artists find our platform a useful source
of direct feedback from their fans and a way to gain
insight into
what their fans respond to.

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dan kurama
dan kurama
3 years ago

don allah kasa wakar haidar zango rayuwa + take over nagode.

Dokto Nas
Dokto Nas
3 years ago

I love this musical platform Allah ya tsare

ArewaHub Media
1 year ago

We (www.arewahub.com.ng) rate GwariLoaded 5 Star for their efforts and hardwork

Arewafilter Tv
Arewafilter Tv
9 months ago

I rate dis platform arewagold.com.ng