Whazzee’s latest EP, “Afro Jagbajantis,” is a dynamic blend of Afrobeat rhythms and contemporary sounds, showcasing his versatility and knack for storytelling through music. Here’s a breakdown of the tracks on this impressive release:

1. Reintroduction: Kicking off the EP, “Reintroduction” sets the stage with Whazzee’s distinctive voice and lyrical prowess. The track serves as an appetizer, giving listeners a taste of what’s to come.

2. Because I Nor Get Money – Remix (feat. Magnito): This remix is a standout track, featuring the well-known Nigerian rapper Magnito. Known for his clever wordplay and engaging storytelling, Magnito complements Whazzee perfectly, adding depth to the already catchy tune. Magnito, who hails from Benue State and began his professional music career at 24, has collaborated with numerous top artists and has a significant influence on the Nigerian music scene .

3. Location: “Location” is a smooth, mid-tempo track that blends Afrobeat with subtle electronic elements. Whazzee’s vocals shine as he sings about love and longing, making it a relatable anthem for many.

4. Cunt Roll: This track showcases Whazzee’s edgier side, with a harder beat and more intense lyrical delivery. It’s a bold statement within the EP, demonstrating his range as an artist.

5. Bindiga (feat. Samnthiago): Featuring Samnthiago, “Bindiga” is a high-energy track that fuses traditional African beats with modern production. The collaboration brings a fresh sound that is both infectious and memorable.

6. Outside: The closing track, “Outside,” wraps up the EP with an upbeat tempo and engaging rhythm, leaving listeners on a high note and craving more.

“Afro Jagbajantis” is a testament to Whazzee’s growth as an artist, blending traditional African sounds with contemporary influences to create a unique listening experience. With contributions from notable artists like Magnito, the EP is poised to make waves in the music industry.

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