Today marks an exciting milestone in the world of Northern Nigerian hip-hop as Amatan, the talented Arewa rapper, drops his much-anticipated album “Zo Minna”. This release not only showcases Amatan’s lyrical prowess but also celebrates the vibrant culture and essence of Minna, the capital city of Niger State.

Album Overview:

“Zo Minna”, which translates to “Come to Minna”, is more than just a collection of songs; it is an invitation to experience the heart of Minna through Amatan’s eyes. The album features a mix of hard-hitting tracks and soulful tunes, each infused with the unique rhythms and stories of Northern Nigeria.

Notable Tracks:

1. Zo Minna – The title track serves as a powerful opening, setting the tone for the album. It’s a vibrant anthem that invites listeners to explore Minna, with its catchy beats and compelling lyrics.

2. Akwai Mata – This track highlights Amatan’s versatility, combining traditional sounds with modern hip-hop beats. The song celebrates the strength and beauty of Northern Nigerian women, making it a standout piece on the album.

3. Dan Iska – In this track, Amatan delves into social issues, addressing challenges and triumphs faced by the youth in his community. It’s a thought-provoking piece that showcases his depth as a lyricist.

4. Banaji – Closing the album on a high note, “Banaji” is an uplifting track that blends introspective lyrics with infectious rhythms, leaving listeners with a sense of hope and inspiration.

Unique Features and Collaborations:

“Zo Minna” features collaborations with several notable artists from the Northern Nigerian music scene, adding richness and diversity to the album. The fusion of traditional instruments with contemporary beats creates a unique sound that is both authentic and refreshing.

Background on Amatan:

Amatan has been a rising star in the Arewa rap scene, known for his ability to weave storytelling with powerful messages. His music often reflects his experiences growing up in Minna, offering a genuine glimpse into the life and culture of Northern Nigeria. With “Zo Minna”, Amatan aims to put Minna on the map, sharing its spirit and stories with the world.

Final Thoughts:

“Zo Minna” is not just an album; it’s a cultural journey that highlights the richness of Minna through the lens of hip-hop. Amatan’s artistry shines throughout, making this release a significant contribution to the Northern Nigerian music landscape. As listeners dive into the album, they will undoubtedly feel the pulse of Minna and appreciate the creativity and passion that Amatan brings to his music.


1. Zo Minna

2. Naira

3. Dan Iska

4. Zoki Bani

5. Rawan Kasa

6. Amatan Kawai

7. Akwai Mata

8. Up Malians

9. HBD Danjee

10. Atina Da Gida

11. My Party