BOC Madaki’s’ Message: A Rapper’s Aspirations Beyond Music

In the world of music, artists are often celebrated for their lyrical prowess, chart-topping hits, and head-turning performances. But sometimes, it’s the words they choose to share outside of the studio that resonate the most. Recently, one of the prominent figures in the Arewa hip-hop scene, BOC Madaki, took to Facebook to share a message that goes beyond beats and rhymes, offering a glimpse into his aspirations as an artist and his commitment to the community he calls home.

Unpacking BOC Madaki’s Post:

In a straightforward yet impactful post, BOC Madaki declared, “My Goal Is To Write, Hustle, Get The Bread and Pop. Do More For My Niggas In The Trenches Than Bread And Pap.” These words, though concise, carry profound meaning and reveal the artist’s multifaceted goals.

A Rapper’s Aspirations:

BOC Madaki’s message is a testament to the evolving role of artists in society. It’s no longer just about the music; it’s about using one’s platform and influence to make a difference. In the midst of chasing dreams and success, BOC Madaki’s focus remains rooted in his community and uplifting those who have been with him through thick and thin.

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Writing as a Craft:

The first part of his post, “My Goal Is To Write,” highlights the significance of the written word. For artists like BOC Madaki, writing is a craft, a form of self-expression, and a means to connect with audiences. It’s the foundation upon which great lyrics and stories are built.

Hustle and Ambition:

The desire to “Get The Bread and Pop” speaks to the hustle and ambition that defines many artists’ journeys. It’s a reflection of the dedication required to achieve success in the music industry, where the competition is fierce, and the journey is often challenging.

Community and Commitment:

However, what sets BOC Madaki’s message apart is his commitment to his “Niggas in the Trenches.” In this phrase, he acknowledges the struggles and challenges faced by many in his community. It’s a commitment to giving back, to using his platform to create opportunities, and to be a beacon of hope for those who need it the most.


BOC Madaki’s Facebook post serves as a reminder that artists are not just entertainers; they are storytellers, influencers, and often, community leaders. It’s a testament to the power of music and words to inspire and uplift. As we follow BOC Madaki’s journey in the Arewa music scene, we’ll be watching not only for his next hit but also for the positive impact he continues to make in the lives of those he’s vowed to support.

In a world where artists have the ability to shape conversations and influence change, BOC Madaki’s message is a reflection of the potential of music to go beyond the stage and make a difference in the lives of many. We look forward to witnessing his continued journey and the transformative power of his words and actions.