Mastery Lyrics

Step into real hip hop joint of B.O.C Madaki’s music with the official lyrics to the Mastery. B.O.C Madaki’s storytelling prowess shines through in this track, inviting you to delve into the lyrical narrative that encapsulates the situation of kings of the north and experiences he shares.

B.O.C Madaki – Mastery

They Say Rule With The Heart Of A Servant, Serve With The With The Heart Of A King

I’m Northy By Nature, So Been Powerful Is Part Of The Deal

Sarkin Kwarai Ko Ba Dogarai Ya Kan Zaga Gari

Kamar Kwararren Likita A Asibitin Sha Ka Tafi

Ba Zama

-Sai Koshin Lafiya Ya Zama Abun Takama

Na Fada

-Da Rago Da Gazawa Suna Kama

Ya Aza

-Yaron Ba Zai Taba Yin Kaurin Murya Ba Da


-Wa Ya Ce An Bamu Dama Mun Gagara?

Watch How You’re Talking To Me

I Make Millions Understand The Language They Don’t Even Speak

Har Suna Koyi Da Ni

And They Love Me For Me

I’m Done Performing For Free

‘Cause It’s Really Been A Long Time Running The Streets

Yanzu Na Daina Kula Harkar Har Idan Babu Riban Yi

In Har Aka Yi Gunaguni Kafin A Diba Mun Ni Ban Ci

Rungumi Mafi Chanchanci Don A Samu Inganci

Kare Mutuncin Masarautar Ya Fi Sarautar Muhimmanci

So Let The Kings Stop Fighting Over The Crown That Doesn’t Exist

And Work Towards Improving The Content That Buzz In The Street

You Mustn’t Have To Remind The Starving How Hungry He Is

But Jog His Memory To Grind ‘Cause He Needs Money To Eat

I’m As Busy As A Bee ‘Cause The Hive Is Where I Hail From

I Make Money By Word Of Mouth, So I Always Put In More Work To Maximise My Income

Can’t Sabotage This Kingdom

Wanda Yace Gayun Arewa No Dey Rep Nuna Mun Shi

Mun Gama Da Su Kab, In Har Da Wani Tuna Mun Shi

Minti Nawa Ne Daga Inda Muke Mu Tuma Gun Shi?

Suka Ce Basu Fargaba Amma Daga Su Gan Mu Sai Su Hau Furci

In The Process Of Tryna Find My Way To The Top

I Keep It Straight Like The Hour Before Seven O’Clock

Then Make Them Put Their Hands Together Like It’s Twelve On The Dot

The Legacy Is Profound, Why Should I Play On The Spot?

A Shirye For Whatever Whenever My Nigga This Is Street

Been Waiting For This Moment Like M.J My Nigga This Is It

Daga Bauchi Nake,Nazo Da Masa Da Kilishi

I Ain’t In Their GOAT Debate ‘Cause I’m In A Different League

Take Over Like A Taliban Ko Bani Da Izini

Though This Is Peace

Approach It In Different Ways Like It’s Now Or It’s Never

I Gotta Live My Dream Life Faster Than Ever

‘Cause In This Thing Called Rap I’m A Veteran Member

And Where I’m From I Gotta Do Far More Than Surviving

They Say If I’m A Star Then Where’s The Porsche That I’m Driving

If I Really Got It Then Where’s The Os That I’m Hiding

Steady Elevating,Check All The Floors That I’m Climbing

It’s Feels Like Three Lettered Words,It Ain’t Hard To Spell,It’s Art

All My Life I’ve Been Through Shi,It Ain’t Hard To Tell With That

Hell Of A Place,But Unwise For A Young Nigga To End His Life

My Goal Is To Write,Record,Hustle,Get The Bread And Pop

Do More For My Niggas In The Trenches Than Bread And Pap

My Intuition Says It’s Time,This Record Gotta Sell And Thrive

You Got The Guts,But Do You Realize Who You’re Yelling At?

If I Draw The Line, Will You Survive When The Shelling Starts?

Baba Ni Ne Fa

Duk Ballers Din Kwarai Sun Sani,Mu Ke Ja Musu Layi Before The V.A.R

I’m Good Without Your Opinion In Bakin Nan Ba Alheri Zai Fada Ba,Shawara,Gara Ka Like Ta



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