Top 23 Arewa artists to watch out in 2023

Top 23 Arewa artists to watch out in 2023

Every year we get a new revolution we get new artist break out and we have some artist that we are watching with As they keep their fans with waiting with Projects , E.Ps Albums, singles or collaborations

This are the names of Arewa Musicians that we are watching this year 2023

1.Dj A.B

2. Ado Gwanja

3. Madox TBB

4. Shiineh S James

5. Auta Waziri

6. Namenj

7. Kheengz

8. Usman Bee

9. Oga Abdul

10. Young Cee

11. Ahmerdy

12. Maidawa

13. Dan Musa New Prince

14. Bash Neh Pha

15. Son Of Jigawa

16. Bamihan

17. FalaQ Amin

18. Muda F

19. Malam6ix

20. King Khalifa

21. Sulwizzy

22. Pjakes Ruwan Sama

23. Sugarman & Jagabaan

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