Social Media A Curse Or A Blessing To Our Society?

Today we are no longer the leaders of Tomorrow at it use to be than when a child of 15, 16, years or so goes down to his knees to greet his elder. Respect for elders is something you are to be proud of but now our generation is on the verge of disintegration.

A typical Yoruba Male Greetings in South Western Nigeria (PC: Google Search)

Based on my own perspective they’re many factors that led to the current situation we are now in the society, but I won’t bring in here is the effect of social platforms developed for easy communication and other related social activities. Looking at today’s society most especially the children of nowadays fucus on nothing but rather social media, so in this case when you are online definitely you are going to see many things that are capable of distracting you from archiving what you dreamed of what can I say.

A student being Distracted by social media during classes (PC: Google search)

It very crystal clear to us the looking at the trend of cybercrime are all because of negative thoughts the youth encounter online am sure no responsible parents will guide their own child towards something barbaric.

Am not making these arguments in other to attack somebody in particular but rather trying to see if we can all understand the concept of social media and abide by its rule. Parents am sorry to inform you whenever you give your child a kind of morals the first people that destroy it are those groups of individuals they meet online and even peer, groups, they interact with at home so there is an advantage you have to correct your Errors.

A parent struggling with kids on social media (PC: Google search)

Conclusively social media to my understanding is not in totality a curse but rather a fragment of our backwardness due to the inappropriate use of it.

Social Media A Curse or A Blessing To our Society?

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