ALBUM: Hashim Zamah Neh – Zero To Hero

Description: Hashim Zamah Neh, Popularly known as Yaro Mai Buta starts off the year with a new album which he calls ‘Zero 2 Hero’. 
This comes after he released another album titled ‘Ruwan Buta‘ last year. Some tracks from the album are well known but there are still some new tracks that you surely have to listen to. You know he never disappoints.
1. Huzzle Must Pay Ft. DJ Sammy (M&M by Ja Six)
2. Stop My Shine (Prod by Sir Jex Money)
3. Gafara Dai (Prod by Sir Jex Money) 
4. Dan Kalare (M&M by Hashim Zamah Neh) 
5. Reply To Mi Abaga (M&M by Ja Six) 
6. Tsoro Suke (Prod by Sir Jex Money) 
7. Maza Maza (Prod by Sir Jex money M&M by Lah Scientist) 
8. No Be Today (M&M by Hashim Zamah Neh) 
9. Sai Monde (M&M by Hashim Zamah Neh) 
10. Kush (Prod by Sir Jex Money) 
11. Maryam (M&M by Hashim Zamah Neh) 
12. This Year Ft. Ill Mastah Chief x Inquisitive (M&M by Nazeezuma)