LYRICS: Kalito Ft Lee Rymz – Asamu Ko Atashi



Yeah yeah  yoh yoh yoh!!!

Ladies and gentlemen 


Lee Rhymz I go by the name of

Kalito I gat your back lets go kill that sh!t
[VERSE1] (KaLito)

*i give instrumentals Pedicure medicure

*Am the cure,the talent’s Canivore

*Am the Man that all the girls Adore

*HiP HoP to the core, Rolling with outlaws 

*Daga masu hankali muke in mun Danno

*Sai ka Che boko haram a Borno

*Starting Point’s  Pluto 

*Life’s short guntun wandoo

*Da mu Ake yi su kam Sai dai Kallo

*It’s our time Nigga Na mu ne ko ba Agogo

*Ku che masu We taking over babu tsoro

*Mehn we just Getting started Ba Ja da baya

*Beehive Na mu ne dashi mu ke Gadara(X2)

Asa mu Ko A tashi (Aeeeh) 

Nacce Asa mu Ko A tashi (Aeeeh)

Asamu Ko a tashi (X3)

 (Phone voice)

* Its our time Nigga Na mu ne ko ba Agogo

*Ku che masu We taking over babu tsoro

*Asa mu ko atashi(X3)


*Its our Thyme nigga, We gon spice the food for y’all

*Give y’all a Delicacy u gon be wanting more

*Delivery On Point likee the Pizza man

*Ama run it Fast like it’s Ramadan 

*Flow like the Pacific to be specific 

*We gon be EPic they tot, am just being optimistic 

*Dreams big Jupiter 

*taking over no couP de tat

*Ama Classic man s/o to jidenna

*Ama neva stop till my city get on the map 

*Thou am bad in geography 

*we cause catastrophe 

*hotter than mercury 

*Gon be here for centuries 

*Throwing Punchlines burning all the calories 

*i gatt more connections than the Internet 

*Gat more bars than an inmate can get,Hope u get

*We The Bomb Nakiya

*Married to the Game Ai Dukiyarta Ma mun Biya

*I’m ahead of da lead Though,Am on top of the League oh!!

*Its a murder on the track and am killing it with Kalito

*You Ain’t talking to me though,You ain’t f**king with me Bro

*Believe it When I say that we’re the Realest in this negro

*Flow so Classic!! Na mu ne jidenna

*Niggas talk a lot of shit haba ku ce ma su Su dai na

*To su dai na,ce masu su dai na

*they’re asking me how I did it,sai na ce masu da Kai na

*This a lyrical service and my music is what i’m offering 

*They wanna do itt like we Did it but they’re steady suffering 

*Wahala su ke ta ji,Kafada muke ta chi

*Kafafuwa da Kai suke da shi Amma fa ba su ji

*Dem fi know me Ever Green, Kinda type you Never seen

*Buyaka Buyaka man ah PoP alota Pakalyn

*Heart. Of a gangster miind of a reverend 

*shooting for tthe stars, dem looking up to me like javelin 

*Man ah make the fire burn(fire burn)

*Man ah make the tires turn turn

*Chilling  Pan da toP man ah Never come don

*Lee Kalito Kill the track mehn you know the shit is done




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